Car Detailing

About Car Detailing

Car detailing is a thorough car care service that goes beyond the typical car wash, and even transcends full car valeting.  Detailing a car involves a series of services that are focused on decontaminating and refurbishing your vehicle. 


Car detailing takes your vehicle from where it is now, to looking and feeling like you were just handed your keys.  This includes deep cleaning, mending any problems, and the fixing of any damages.  Car detailing requires high skill and specific care in every small detail.  Professional car detailing will restore your vehicle to a like-new condition.

Vehicle Detailing with a Difference

Your car does a lot for you, so why not do something for your car?  Our team of trusted professionals ensure their detailing services are second to none, whether they’re working on interior detailing or simply cleaning your tyres.


Car detailing services are much more precise and labour-intensive than just getting a car wash.  Our highly experienced and skilled team can undertake many detailing services to improve your ride. 

Interior car detailing can include:

  • steaming the furnishings

  • vacuuming

  • polishing hardware


Exterior car detailing can include:

  • exterior wash

  • tyre cleaning and dressing

  • PPF

  • paint protection

  • polishing

  • wet sanding 

  • ceramic coating

Simply get in touch with us and we can give you a full rundown of our complete detailing services and what may work for you, your budget, and your vehicle.  


Want to love your car the same way you did when it glimmered under the showroom lights?  With the services of London and the South East’s favourite car detailing company, your car will come back to you as perfect as the day you drove it home.  Our detailing service is unmatched, and our highly skilled technicians are committed to delivering perfection.


Visit us for the local car detailing that turns heads.

Car Detailers London

We pride ourselves on being one of the best and highly trusted car detailers in London and the South East.  Our Harlesden exotic car wash garage is kitted out for a full detailing service, car valet services, and car wash services, just a stone’s throw from central London.  


We love being able to service exotic cars, so setting up a car detailing service in London was a no-brainer.  Do you have an exotic car, or just a car you love, and want trusted professionals to bring it back to life?  As a trusted and successful UK car detailing company, we would love to work on your vehicle.


Make your car new again, and trust us with detailing your car.

Car Detailing Frequently Asked Questions

What does car detailing include?

Car detailing involves an in-depth clean and refurbishment of all areas of your vehicle.  It may involve an exterior wash, tyre cleaning and dressing, interior vacuuming, PPF, paint protection, and ceramic coating.  Please do get in touch with us if you would like more information, or have a specific imperfection that you would like to be fixed.

Will car detailing remove scratches?

Yes. Detailing work will remove scratches and nicks. Detailed work can include a full body repaint which will eliminate all dents, scratches, and nicks.  Please get in contact with us if you have a specific problem which you would like to discuss before coming into our car detailing shop.

Is it worth getting your car detailed?

Of course we would say yes!  Car detailing is the only way to take your vehicle from used and dull to appearing brand new and shiny.  Everything on the surface level will be refurbished and detailed to perfection, so your car looks like it has just left the showroom.  

How long does car detailing take?

At least 8 hours or up to 3 days. Due to the high intensive work and car detailing involved, the process could take up to 3 days to complete. The more advanced the detailing request is, the longer the job is likely to take.


Our car detailing services can take anywhere from 8 hours up to 3 days.  Our services are highly intensive, and depending what you would like from your detailing, we could take up to three days to complete your detailing work.  Get in touch with us to discuss your detailing goals and what you need for your car.

Do I have to book in advance?

Booking in advance is not necessary.  Simply pop into our exotic car wash and coffee lounge!  If you would prefer, you can contact us for more information and to pick a time that works best for you.