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Best London Car Wash Service

At The Dash, we specialise in providing our clients with a wholesome personalised experience in addition to producing a clean and fresh look. Our car wash services include the following:

  • Quick Car Wash (Exterior)

  • Premium Car Wash (Interior/Exterior)


With competent experts and high-tech equipment, the washing of your vehicles at The Dash will be completed in a seamless process while allowing you to have an amazing time in our lounge area.

Premium Car Wash In London

 Quick Car Wash In London

The Dash offers a quick car wash service to get you in and out quickly while making sure that your car is looking clean for your next trip.


Dirty roads and muddy highways will leave dirt and stains on your car and will not leave a good impression. With blemishes and filth covering the paint coating, the beauty of your ride is tarnished.

Premium Car Wash In London

 Premium Car Wash in London

If you’ve got some time and are looking for a premium car wash, then The Dash is fortified with capable attendants who concentrate on washing the exterior and interior of your car thoroughly. The interior and exterior washing service is the service offer you cannot miss out on. Our manual process is developed to ensure that no corner is left uncleaned. 


Every vehicle is welcomed at The Dash for premium cleaning and washing services. We utilise a manual system with qualified attendants tending to every inch and corner of your car. After a long period of driving everywhere and using your car for every purpose known to man, a complete interior & exterior car wash is required to get the car back to a 100%. 


What You Get In A Quick Car Wash

A quick wash of the exterior removes all these impurities and provides your car with a superior presence. The quick car wash involves the follwoing:

  • thorough scrubbing

  • washing

  • shampooing

  • drying of the car exterior


The quick car wash could either be automated or manual depending on your requirement. A quick car wash at The Dash can take as little as 15 minutes. It is the best option when you are tight in time and the car is dirty from dust, mud, or other external dirt. Our exterior car wash is intentionally designed to get cars clean with quality shampoo, and drying agents that leave no harm on the paint coating.

Forget the days of the automated low-quality car wash. At The Dash, we aim to give you a proper clean. Our quick car wash service does not rely on machinery to carry out an on-surface quick wash. Instead, our manpower is fortified with professionals that specialise in in-depth washing and cleaning. 


Trust The Dash with your wash needs. Our manual method keeps your vehicle coating safe and the outlook of your ride shiny and glossy. For the best exotic experience, The Dash exterior car wash service is a suitable choice for you. Call in and book a time today!

The Dash is the perfect location that provides the best premium car wash in London for your ride. Our group of attendants will remove every stain by hand to achieve a clean that makes your ride stand out. 


Our premium car wash process involves:

  • a deliberate series of hands-on scrubbing

  • vacuuming

  • cleaning

  • drying techniques

Every ride is promised a good time at our salon and so is every car owner!

All our products are tested and trusted to keep car surfaces intact, without wear and tear. You are guaranteed a safe and secure car wash for internal surfaces, chairs, dashboard, flooring, carpets, external surfaces, and tires. Forget the bad smell lingering after a hard party night at the club. With one premium car wash at The Dash, your car will be back to its original clean and fragrant state. 


We handle all vehicles with the utmost professionalism and extreme care. The right treatment for your car involves one session at The Dash.

Quick Car Wash By Hand

What You Get In A Premium Car Wash

Book with us today and receive the best service for your ride!

Car Wash FAQs

What does a premium car wash service entail?

The premium car wash is a combination of both interior car wash and exterior wash. It entails rigorous cleaning that includes all external surfaces, tyres, internal surfaces, car seats, car carpets, car flooring, and dashboard cleaning. 

When do I need a premium car wash service?

Fortnightly. It is advisable to get your car cleaned properly every two weeks. However, it is also important to get this service after clubbing or partying festivities. This is to remove foul smells and retain good quality seats.

Will a premium car wash destroy my leather seats?

No. At The Dash, we employ cleaning agents specific to the car interior materials. Our attendants are trained to carefully clean without causing damage to the car essentials.

How long does a premium car wash take?

25 to 35 minutes. The interior and exterior wash will vary depending on the size of the vehicle and the current state of the car. Charges may increase or decrease depending on both of these factors but the time is likely to be within the hour.