Refurbished Second Hand Cars In London

Looking to buy a spotless car for a fraction of the price of a new one? 

Here at The Dash, we are not only car detailing and valeting experts. We acquire and refurbish used cars, and use our detailing skills to bring them back to a like-new state. 

Providing nearly new vehicles with no imperfections for a lower price is our pleasure, as we believe everyone should be proud of the car they drive.

Browse the second hand cars we have available for you to view and purchase. 

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About Our Premium Used Cars In London

What We Do


Step 1

We visit auctions to find a select few cars


Step 2

We buy our cars from auctions that are clean


Step 3

We give the cars The Dash treatment with premium detailing and any necessary fixes



We showcase used cars as shiny as they were from day 1

Finding Your Next Car at The Dash

To choose your perfect car, you must first consider what you need this car to do. 

Your car needs to match your lifestyle and your personal style, as well as be appropriate for the way you are planning to use it. You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari to solely pop to the shops with, and you wouldn’t buy a Mini for the purpose of road tripping. This is where you can start to consider which model will work for you!

Is it going to be a run-around to cart you around town? Or are you planning on taking long journeys or trips away? Do you want something flashy or low-key? These are all questions to bear in mind as you scroll through our used cars to buy. 


Be sure to check each car’s description and specification to find out more about the car’s ability, as well as the age, what we did to improve it, and more!

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Come Visit Us

Come see us in our London used car dealership! 

We will show you all of our available refurbished second hand cars, as well as walk you through our services. Lounge in our cafe and browse our used cars, or simply get in touch to discuss your car needs! 

Address: 11 Barretts Green Road, London 

Buy Used Cars in London

Our London Used Car Dealership

Located on Barretts Green Road, our car salon is open for business from 10am to 8pm Monday-Saturday. We are available for car viewings and test drives, as well as our award winning car detailing and car valeting services. 

Once you have your car, you need to maintain it. We are here to not only get your car to a like-new state, but to keep it there! Below you can read about our other services and how they will improve your driving experience.

London Car Detailing Service

We offer a full detailing service at our London car shop. Bring your car to us to have both the interior and exterior fully serviced, cleaned, and refurbished. Be proud of your car with an attention-demanding clean. 

For steaming, vacuuming, and polishing, as well as added paint protection and much more, check out our car detailing service!

London Car Valeting Service

We offer two valeting services in our London car salon: the mini valet, and the full valet. 

For interior and exterior cleaning that will catch eyes and make your car shine again, check out our car valeting service.